It's Time For Women

It is now time for women to come together for the common purpose of uniting and giving back to the community
We Are The Elgon Sisters CBO
Elgon Sisters is a Community Based Organization of women professionals who came together for the common purpose of uniting and giving back to the community.
Peace Building
Elgon Sister has developed interventions designed to prevent fragility and violent conflict by creating sustainable peace in communities we serve.
Empowering & Mentoring
We conduct girl child empowerment mentorship programs in schools, mentoring women to start income generating activities for economic empowerment
Health / Sanitation
We are on the forefront promoting sanitation  by conducting anti-jigger campaigns and gaving out pairs of shoes and pairs of slippers.
“One of our greatest joys is to see communities live peacefully, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that helping is fun”.
For Elgon Sisters to realize its vision, we need the help, support and incorporation of  other like minded stakeholders such as the Government, Other NGOs, Corporate/Private sector, and the community in our work in addressing the needs of the local populations
Our Core Values
Our Core Values embody who we are as an organization, guide our decisions and inspire us
Team Work

Our Vision

To alleviate the suffering and increase the survival and viability of the world’s poorest and most at risk populations through sustainable grassroots initiatives.

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Uniting and giving back to the community.
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